Current Projects

My students have gone global and are currently working on several projects including:

The Mt. Charleston Conservation Project:

Students who started a UAV (drone) club were given the opportunity to take on a monumental project, which was to help support local efforts in forest and ecosystem conservation in the Mt. Charleston Recreational area, a local mountain and forest outside of Las Vegas, NV.  Students have and continue to document the negative effects of soil poisoning by salt from the roads, as well as the impact of a dramatic increase in population and traffic on the mountain.  Students use 4K cameras and UAVs to photograph and film, are working with a local professor at UNLV to carefully test and document the scientific data to show the negative impact on the environment, and will present a short documentary soon that raises awareness and demonstrates the need for change to the local community


The Multicultural Cooking Show:

This project involves five teachers and over one hundred students from three schools in the United States and Hungary all working together to investigate family recipes saved during the Holocaust, research their own family recipes, and hosting a cooking show of recipes while filming and editing the event into a television episode that helps bring understanding of family and foreign cooking habits to light.


The Butterfly Project: 

This project started with students reading Hannah Gofrit's I Wanted to Fly Like a Butterfly. After some discussion, my photography students and all of the sixth grade students at my school used Adobe Photoshop and their photography skills to respond to Hannah's experiences through art. Once done, twenty five of the works of art were sent to Thessaloniki, Greece, to be printed on canvas and hung as part of a museum exhibit to remember the Holocaust and the toll it took in Greece and elsewhere.

Character Visual Analysis Project:

I brought this project idea back from AdobeMAX 2015, and it evolved into a fun, dynamic way for English and History teachers to assess their students when reading Shakespeare or studying philosophers. It involves students identifying character traits of a Shakespearean character or philosopher, and then bringing multiple images, researched and downloaded from Creative Commons (CC) sources, into Adobe Photoshop and blending them behind a silhouette to produce an engaging exercise in critical thinking and aesthetics.

Student Photography

Using Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and Fuji cameras, many lights and backgrounds, and Adobe Creative Cloud, my students develop their photographic and editing skills through a project-based curriculum that has them explore the principles, skills and genres of photography by creating their own projects based on their own interests. By investing the time to learn Adobe Lightroom, Bridge, and Photoshop, the students are able to process and manipulate their images and bring out the full potential of their photographs and communicate is strong and impactful ways through a visual medium.

Student Video Production

Using Adobe Creative Cloud software, including Premiere Pro, Audition, After Effects and Photoshop, my students create a variety of videos based on student-initiated projects. From animations to short films, their passions and creativity are turned loose through the innovative Adobe workflow. This has allowed me to concentrate on skill building, both the hard skills of camera, lights, sound and editing and the soft skills of interview, writing and storytelling that students of the 21st Century need.